Lansdowne Aromatics REACH Statement

REACH Background

The new European Chemicals regulation (REACH) came into force in June 2007. REACH stands for
Registration, Evaluation, Authorizations of CHemicals.
The REACH regulation requires substances manufactured or imported into the European Union (EU), including substances in preparations in quantities over one metric ton per year, to be registered unless exempt.

There is a phase in period to complete the registration process for existing substances. The deadlines for this phasing period are 2010, 2013, and 2018. This is dependent on the annual amounts imported and the hazard of the substance. To benefit from these phased-in deadlines, EU manufacturers and importers have had to pre-register existing substances by the end of November 2008. Pre-registration allows continued manufacture and import into the EU prior to the registration deadline.


Lansdowne Aromatics REACH Initiatives

Lansdowne Aromatics supports the objectives of REACH, including protecting human health and the environment. Lansdowne is aware of the requirements of the REACH regulation.

All of the products Lansdowne manufacture or imports into the EU, which require registration, have been be pre-registered by Lansdowne or by its up-stream suppliers. This secures continued product supply during the transition period. Lansdowne also recognizes that substances manufactured and sold by Lansdowne entities outside of the EU may be imported into the EU by our customers. In these cases, it is the customer's obligation to evaluate its registration requirements and to take the necessary steps, if any, to comply with REACH.

Lansdowne Aromatics, its customers and suppliers will work as a team in order to meet the requirements of REACH. The REACH regulation places responsibility on users of substances to ensure that the all applications of the substances are identified and included in the registration. This provides relevant risk assessment data. Over the next few years, Lansdowne Chemicals will be in constant communication with its customers, to identify all uses and other relevant data for substances and preparations manufactured or imported,into the EU by Lansdowne for inclusion in REACH submissions.